Sensorium Galaxy Playtest: Explore the AI-Powered Metaverse!

• Sensorium Galaxy is entering its public playtest, providing access to virtual reality and content features in virtual worlds.
• AI-powered avatars are populating the metaverse, allowing users to interact with others in VR and via voice chat.
• Sensorium is unveiling the Salvador Dali Experience, a VR environment where users can meet and chat with an AI avatar of the late genius.

Sensorium Galaxy Enters Public Playtest

Sensorium is announcing that the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse has entered its much-awaited VR multiplayer public playtest as it opens up access to more virtual reality and content features inside virtual worlds. Delivering on its promise to develop a full-fledged metaverse with unparalleled entertainment offerings, Sensorium is unveiling PRISM, a virtual world dedicated to music, as the first destination to become available to users. Inside this environment, visitors can experience the 24/7 galactic Sensorium Party where Sensorium’s pioneering AI avatars can be seen performing. The new stage enables users to become familiar with the metaverse’s VR mechanics, its immersive environments, and avatar customization options. Users will also have the opportunity of interacting, for the first time, with others in VR and via voice chat.

AI Avatars Populate Metaverse

Sensorium Galaxy is emerging as the first AAA-inhabited metaverse with a community of AI-powered avatars populating its virtual worlds. Here, social AI is a core technology in powering next-generation networking relationship building and content creation; for both users and artists alike.

Global Metaverse Doctrine

Sensorium’s press secretary—the AI-driven avatar Yonaka—offers a detailed look at the company’s global metaverse doctrine. In another demonstration of generative AI technology’s capabilities for contextual conversations; Sensorium is now also unveiling the Salvador Dali Experience: A VR environment where users are invited to meet an AI avatar of Dali himself and chat about an endless variety of topics..

Alternative Life Scenarios

Based on these features; Sensorium is opening up pathways for users to live out alternative life scenarios; build their digital self; and attain digital immortality—whereby they choose their digital footprint they’re leaving behind so future generations may interact with it. Built on top of blockchain technology; these experiences enable true ownership of user data & assets while offering secure payments & transactions within game worlds & marketplaces inside Sensoriu mGalaxy..

Avatar Customization Options

The public playtest also offers several avatar customization options such as selecting one’s hair color or choosing from dozens of clothes items & accessories—allowing gamers & creators alike to define their own style inside this new universe..