PayPal seeks crypto companies with BitGo in sight

PayPal is reportedly considering acquiring crypto companies, including crypto custodian BitGo.

PayPal recently added support for cryptocurrency, causing the price of bitcoin to skyrocket.

The integration of BitGo has the potential to satisfy critics.

After its debut of cryptocurrency purchases, PayPal is reportedly considering acquiring crypto companies. One possible acquisition could be custodian BitGo, a major player in the digital currency space.

According to Bloomberg , PayPal Holdings is in discussions to acquire BitGo, a digital currency „custodian“ company. Bitcoin Supersplit review helps customers securely store large amounts of cryptocurrency. BitGo also provides up to $ 100 million in insurance to customers, backed by large insurer Lloyds of London.

The acquisition would be a notable expansion of PayPal’s foray into crypto, especially after the go-ahead for crypto purchases on October 21. According to Bloomberg, other companies could also be in the mix. PayPal is also considering partnering with the Paxos Trust Company, a regulated crypto provider.

According to sources who wanted to remain anonymous and quoted by Bloomberg, PayPal and BitGo could strike a deal within weeks. A source noted that this was not a sure thing, and PayPal could explore other acquisitions.

A major player in the sights

BitGo is a successful crypto business. In 2018, the custodian raised around $ 58 million and currently serves clients such as centralized finance company Nexo. The company has touted itself as a security solution for institutional investors, making it an attractive choice for large regulated companies like PayPal.

No less appealing is the fact that corporate security relies on “ cold storage ” wallets , which means account keys only exist offline. They also use several offline signature wallets which are more difficult to hack.

A big bet for Paypal

After the announcement that customers can buy, sell and hold digital currencies, the Paypal stock price hit all-time highs (then came back the next day).

PayPal now allows services for several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Users can use their virtual currencies to shop from 26 million vendors. In recent years, the lack of convenience in paying with cryptocurrencies seemed to be a major obstacle to widespread adoption. In the wake of the news, bitcoin topped $ 13,000 for the first time in over a year.

However, not everyone was delighted with the positive news from PayPal. Some saw this as another middleman between users and their crypto. Others pointed out that PayPal does not currently allow the transfer of crypto off PayPal’s site to private wallets and does not give users private keys. The old adage, „not your keys, not your crypto,“ warns of the danger of this setup.

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